Sámi Archives


The Sámi Archives is part of the memory of the Sámi people.

In the Sámi Archives we:
• Support and promote multidisciplinary research of the Sámi
• Raise awareness of the Sámi culture
• Ensure that documents about the Sámi are preserved

Contact information and opening hours

Building of Sajos.

Address: Saamelaiskulttuurikeskus Sajos, 99870 Inari

Tel:+358 50 408 3062


Opening hours

  • Monday–Thursday 9 am–4 pm
  • Book an appointment for a visit at least 3 business days in advance: saamelaisarkisto@kansallisarkisto.fi or tel. 050 408 3062.


Most of the materials consist of the archives of private persons or associations. The Sámi Archives include personal archives from all the fields of life, archives of Sámi associations and extensive Sámi collections. If you are interested in perusing the archives or want to donate your own archives to the Sámi Archives, we will be happy to help.