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With the web services of the National Archives of Finland, you can browse the materials of the National Archives, both online and on site.

Astia (in Finnish)

Digitized records and maps in the custody of the National Archives and online ordering service for documents.

Search Finnish Court Records

The web service, which can read handwritten text automatically, allows you to search Finnish court records from the 1800s. The Finnish court record search contains more than three million pages of both notification and court records that provide you with information on farms, human fates and crimes. Please take a look at the service’s instructional videos (in Finnish).


Nuohtti online service has 30,000 digitized documents and photos from Saami, collected from 32 European archives, libraries and museums.


The databases of the National Archives contain compilations of information around various historical themes.


You can study the Second World War in WarSampo with various interlinked applications. You can search, browse and visualise comprehensive sets of data about Finland during the Second World War. For example, you can study what happened to your relatives who fought in the Winter War, Continuation War or Lapland War. One of the main materials in the service is the database "Casualties of War in Finland 1939–1945" (in Finnish), which includes information about nearly 95,000 Finns who died in the service of the Finnish forces, and foreigners who served in Finland during previous wars.

WarVictimSampo 1914–1922

WarVictimSampo 1914–1922 is an online database that tells you about war events related to Finland between 1914 and 1922. Sampo contains information about 41,522 people in total, and its data is complemented as the research progresses. WarVictimSampo is based mainly on the database "War victims of Finland 1914–1922" (in Finnish), which contains information about 39,550 people who were killed in war between 1914 and 1922. Of them, 93% were killed in acts of war and the aftermath of the war in 1918. You can use different visualisation tools to browse the material.

Diplomatarium Fennicum

A database of Finland’s medieval documents. The service contains material from the 800s to 1530, and the text corpus contains some 6,850 documents and passages.

Europeana Heraldica

The heraldic database of the National Archives tells you about the coats of arms and seals related to Finnish history. The database contains a total of 8,000 coats of arms and heraldic seals, as well as 500 seals that are not classified as heraldic. It contains some 5,600 manifestations of coats of arms. Please take a look at the service’s instructional video (in Finnish) and the HERO – Ontology of Heraldry glossary.

Prisoner-of-war deaths and people handed over in Finland

The database contains information about Soviet prisoners who died in Finland during the Winter War and Continuation War (1939–1940 and 1941–1944), as well as those who died in the civilian camps of East Karelia between 1941 and 1944. It also contains lists of German prisoner-of-war deaths during the Lapland War (1945), as well as those who died in the Miehikkälä civilian camps during the Continuation War.

Web portals

The portals help you find data and materials that support your research or investigation.

Documenta Carelica

You can use research data on the Karelia area around Lake Ladoga and today’s Russian Karelia for scientific and other research purposes.


The portal contains information about the activities related to the Novgorod Oblast’s state archives, presentation of the material related to the portal’s themes and stored in the Russian State archive of old documents (RGADA), as well as a list of links to online sources. The service also includes a scientific search that you can use to quickly find information about the history of the Novgorod Oblast and Finland.

Archives Portal Europe

The Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent.

Other web services


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